8 things you need to know about 'sensitive' pet food

Tuesday 8th September 2020

Do you have a sensitive pet? Perhaps your dog or cat has dry, itchy skin, recurring ear infections or diarrhoea? 

You may have been thinking about switching to a ‘sensitive’ diet but what does this mean? What should you feed a sensitive pet when there are a plethora of pet food brands and recipes available on the market making all sorts of claims?

Check out this useful infographic detailing specific, beneficial features of a ‘sensitive’ diet to help you make a more informed choice when selecting a food for your dog or cat.

features of a sensitive dog or cat diet infographic

For a more in depth look at this topic, check out our informative fact sheets on the topic by Ness Bird - Nutrition Adviser and Registered Vet Nurse Cert CFVHNut ©, by clicking the links below.

If you think you have a sensitive pet and need more specific advice, please get in touch for more personalised advice by clicking the link below.


If your pet is under the care of your vet for a nutritionally responsive medical condition, we advise asking your vet’s professional opinion as to the suitability of any diet if it is not one that he/she has initially suggested.

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