Help I wasn’t ready for my new puppy!

Wednesday 13th January 2021

As our world has changed in recent times, many people, having never considered owning a pet before, have decided to become puppy parents, with all the amazing physical and psychological benefits this can bring.

Several animal welfare organisations and charities are beginning to express concern that recent increases in puppy ownership could consequently result in more abandonments or rehoming later in the year.

This may be due to unprepared puppy parents, unable to cope with unpredictability of a new puppy, or perhaps foreseeing future problems arising as the world begins to ‘open up’ with young dogs ill-equipped for a faster pace of life after lockdown.

Whether you are considering getting a puppy or require advice on the immediate needs of your new furry friend, we can help.  Our easy guide covers every element of your puppy’s journey from the first night in your home to the first year.

Puppies are wonderful bundles of energy and fun, ready for anything and fascinated by the world, but it is up to us to help them settle into our way of life and teach them how to behave as a much-loved member of the family and society.

We hope you enjoy our guide, and please browse our fact sheet library which contains lots of other useful information for every stage of your dog’s life.

Do you have a more specific enquiry regarding your puppy’s health and wellbeing? Ask our Nutrition Adviser and Registered Vet Nurse, Ness Bird CertCFVHNut ©

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